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Mechanical And Electrical Design Plan

Mechanical And Electrical Design Plan With Perunding Jayareka

Mechanical And Electrical engineering design plan with Perunding Jayareka Sdn Bhd

Our approach for M&E design planning is to work closely with the client from assessment through construction. We establish what our clients priorities are and we design plans to meet their needs.

When the development priorities has been set, our team gets to work to prepare design drawings using the latest technology and design codes.

Mechanical And Electrical Design Plan

Our M&E Design and Planning Services

  • Professional prepared designs and tender drawings
  • Providing detailed information of development objectives into the building structure.
  • Providing detailed information to the approximate weight of design elements and equipment incorporated in to the project.
  • Preparing specifications and schedules for the purpose of calculation and details as related to the project works.
  • Review design drawings and the contractor’s installation schedule.

As professional M&E engineers and consultants, we provide solutions and proper designs that fulfills our client’s requirements. Using the latest technological advances, materials and industrial best practices.

Our Mission: To maximize the use of local contents in all our projects without any compromise on safety benefits and social values.

Our Quality Policy Objective is to understand the Goals and Aspirations of our Clients and to fulfill their Expectations.