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Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Consultation

Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Consultation With Perunding Jayareka

M&E engineering consultancy in Sabah with Perunding Jayareka Sdn Bhd

Professional M&E consultants provide services that comprises of all technical aspects in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering.

M&E consultants liaise closely with service providers and local authorities to ensure system designs and equipment comply with engineering standards. M&E consultants also ensures that installation and construction are in accordance with regulations.

Our commitment to providing value-driven solutions for our clients make us one of the leading M&E consultants firm in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. In line with our design philosophies, we have been meeting the needs of our private, commercial and industrial clients. Our expertise ensures that meet all relevant standards and regulations to satisfy our contracts with government agencies.

Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Consultation

Our M&E Consultation Services

  • Consulting with local municipal and approving authorities on matters of regulations in connection with the design of project works.
  • Providing preliminary information and approximate estimates.
  • Investigation, study and data collection of information pertaining to the project works.
  • Consultation with appointed architect and other technical professionals appointed by the developer or client in matters pertaining to architectural designs and works for the project.
  • Preparing reports and documents as necessary for the developer or client’s consideration in regards to the M&E consulting engineer’s proposals.

As professional M&E engineers and consultants, we provide a valuable service for our clients. They rely on us for design input, technical expertise, energy efficiency, and optimal building performance.

Our Quality Policy Objective is to understand the Goals and Aspirations of our Clients and to fulfill their Expectations.